IT Audit/Technology Assessment

Cyberscript IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides IT audit services to balance the technology needs of businesses. These needs include ease of use, speed, convenience and most importantly, the security and safety of IT systems against potential threats and liability. Every organization must perform IT technical assessment and audit on a regular basis. Our team works with the clients to ensure that their IT systems are running at optimal performance level to support the strategic vision of the organization.

We also help businesses in creating their IT audit work plan. Our team of IT audit consultants provides valuable insights to plan an organization’s risk assessment process. By doing this, an IT audit plan is designed specifically for your business to address the main issues related to compliance, risk, and the security of your IT infrastructure. With our IT audit services, we have been helping companies in boosting their productivity and mitigating risks. We provide a personal Audit Assistant to each client to enhance automation, collaboration, and insight into their IT infrastructure.


What Is IT Auditing?

Technology Auditing or IT Auditing is a process to understand the level of technology utilization of an organization. It is similar to an accounting audit, but it is concerned with the IT infrastructure and performance of a business. It provides insight into the technology level of business at present and helps in the identification of strengths and weaknesses or an organization’s IT infrastructure. In short, you can get an overview of the present situation of IT infrastructure of an organization using this assessment. This helps in determining the efficiency of the infrastructure.


Need for Technology Auditing

Every business must perform a regular IT audit and assessment to ensure that its IT infrastructure has an optimum performance to perform daily operations effectively. It will help businesses to use its technology investment effectively. This audit does not focus on making suggestions to invest more. Rather, it aims to get more out of the existing infrastructure that an organization is using. Our technology audit process includes methods and components that address the major pain areas of an organization’s different IT areas.


Our Process of IT Audit and Technical Assessment

IT systems are becoming more and more complex, and hence, it becomes necessary to perform IT audit to meet the increasing service requirements. Businesses find it difficult to manage their time and assess the existing resources that they have in place and what they need to invest in, to reach their business goals. We provide timely assessment reports so that you do not make unnecessary technology-related investments. While our team audits your IT infrastructure, you can focus on the other aspects of business growth. Our cost-effective audit solutions done by expert professionals will definitely save you a lot of time and money too.


What to Expect from Our IT Audit and Infrastructure Assessment Services?

Our assessment process covers several aspects of IT auditing such as: 1. We help in the identification of issues related to your hardware and software system that might be impacting your productivity. 2. We check and confirm that the serves you are using are installed and configured properly for efficiency and security. 3. We evaluate the adequacy of your existing security measures that you use to deal with spyware, viruses, Internet intrusions, malware, and firewalls. 4. We identify the reasons behind any downtime or outages that you might be facing. 5. We test and investigate the efficiency of backups.


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